Click here for our online puppy raising program called 90 Days to the Perfect Puppy. This program is stand alone or can be used with a puppy class.

Is your relationship with your dog all that you want it to be? Is there confusion in the communication between you and your dog? Would you like that to change? We can help!

Home_HuskyWe offer a wide variety of services to meet your needs. We teach using dog and human friendly methods (no shock collars here). We can help you prepare your dog for life with baby, help your kids and your dog get along better, help you have a more well-mannered happy pet, work through aggression and fear issues and even help you prepare your dog for dog sports like Agility or Herding. We offer group, private, online courses and even board & train options for training.


Are you a family with kids & dogs? Do you find those waters can be tricky to navigate? Check out the Your Family Dog Podcast. Tina co-hosts it. There are some amazing past episodes and new episodes coming out all the time… and we are rated G for your listening pleasure, even if the kiddos are in the car listening.

We Speak Dog!